"Consulting economist" Jim Lazar appears at a public hearing regarding the proposed Critical Areas Ordinance, which has emerged as the most bitterly controversial idea in Thurston County in recent memory. An extremely influential political contributor – some believe Lazar is the "secret power" behind local government – he is seen here not only speaking against the CAO, but urging commissioners to prevent all future growth.

   When Lazar noticed there were cameras recording his testimony, he attempted to conceal his identity by holding a tablet in front of his face; he also tried to shield his voice from the microphone (note the positioning of the tablet between his mouth and the microphone).

But, never daunted in our intrepid and eternal committment to bring you the truth, we simply jacked up the gain on the internal mic, and removed the camera from the tripod so as to elevate it above the tablet. The result, as can be seen here, is that Lazar – and his testimony – were entirely exposed.

If we had merely told you this had happened, you might have thought we were pulling your leg. But seeing, as they say, is believing.