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The Moores, shortly after John Calvin died. Tough looking bunch, eh? You wouldnt want to cross Katie, thats for sure. They look pretty Injun, = too, which in fact they were. Theres some disagreement about who is Mamie (Mae = Lee). Grandma Mae is on the far right. The very pretty girl over Kate's left = shoulder is Sammie Kate Moore. There's another picture of her below in a Gingham dress, looking like she just crawled out of a teepee. she married a doctor named Jones i think it was . . . they went to Kansas where she taught school . . . caught influenza during the great epidemic of 1917-18 and died, aged about 30.

MAHALIA ADELINE LEWIS, Butts, GA around 1900, wife of WM RICHARD = SMITH HEAD,=20 and mother of KATIE HEAD, thus your great grandmother. She was a girl in = Macon County GA the year Sherman invaded and burned Dixie to the ground. Damn = Yankees!

I think this is a very wistful and beautiful picture. she was the = daughter of=20 CHRISTIAN LEWIS and ELIZABETH JONES, which is, as Ive explained earlier, = our= likely conection with JOHN PAUL JONES, but I still dont think we're = acdtually descended=20 for the Scottish cateran. She died in 1903.

I love this family picture. That's JOHN CALVIN MOORE and ELIZABETH KATHERINE = HEAD in= a picture taken in Charleston, AR, ca 1885. I could identify all your = grand= uncles and aunts but wont take the time. The boy in the middle,HENRY MOORE, moved to TX and became a pharmacist. JOHN CALVIN was gored to death by a bull in 1909; this suggests they were a prosperous ranching family living on the edge of the Ozarks (Charleston AZ no longer exists). KATIE HEAD = died probably around 1932. After JOHN CALVIN was killed, every guy in Crawford County = tried to marry her up. Grandma Mamie is on the far left. I think this guy looks A = LOT= like you. Notice how pigeon toed he is -- another Indian trait. I was very pigeon toed as a boy.

We are, my brother, Sons of the South, and the children of kings. = We're even=20 descended from Eric Bloodaxe, the great Viking warrior who is mentioned = in many= sagas. With a name like that you know he was a hit at parties.

Capt Wm Russell, Jr, in confederate uniform. 3D"capt Get ahold of a copy of David Crockett's autobiography. Its a good read, and there's a lot in there about the RUSSELLs. This is a pre-bellum photograph of the plantation of SOLOMON WAGNER (WAGGONER) AND DICEY RUSSELL, OUR 6x grandparents. The picture is very small and you cant see much. But thats almost certainly SOLOMON and DICEY in the front, possibly slaves behind them. There's a guy on the right on a Tennessee thoroughbred. Their place was in Decherd, TN, just down the road from the present site of the George Dickel distillery. Im going to try to get original pictures from our Tennessee relatives.